Notes for selecting suitable detergents

We usually select a suitable detergents depends on its cleaning efficiency, smelling, price and packaging. However, we always overlook its suitability for the user themselves, i.e. how we suit for the detergents. Most cleaners on the market are indeed suitable for general household use, but some households are not suitable.

For example:

Members of the family with asthma patients, they are not suitable for using a cleaning liquid that is too strong flavor, it is easy to worsen the trachea when the smell is too strong;

People with eczema or sensitive skin should not use skin-irritating cleaning products, such as when we won’t eat too spicy when we were having sore throat, so as to avoid more worse;

The is same for families with newborn babies, the skin of newborn babies is sensitive. Products with skin irritation are easy to make the baby's skin sensitive and red; Moreover, babies love to put their small hands in their mouths, so it is not suitable to use solutions containing chemicals at home, so as not to accidentally eat chemicals into the body;

Mothers in pregnancy are not suitable for over inhaling strong fragrances or using cleansing solutions that are high in chemicals. Living in a space where irritating and chemical gases exist, which has an inappropriate effect on the development of fetal;

Families with pets such as cats and dogs cannot ignore the importance of choosing the right detergent. Many expert reports and news publications have advised pets not to be exposed to any irritating cleaning liquids. It is because pets such as cats and dogs often touch the ground and even love to lick the ground, they eat strong irritants or spices that are easy to vomit and endanger the body. When there is no cleaning liquid suitable for pet use, experts generally recommend cleaning with only clean water.

Therefore, when choosing a detergent, don't forget to take care of family members. MOMEEKA is rigorous in its formula, we seek for free of fragrances and moderate elements and produces detergents suitable for all users with the safest elements.

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